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"I originally came to Michling Plaza & Associates at one of the worst times in my life 20 years ago, during a separation. Pete was very kind to me and explained to me each step we’d take along the way. He not only provided legal advice, but he treated me with respect and compassion and he always had my child in his best interest. I feel I not only gained excellent council, but a friend as well. "
Mrs. Frankie H.
Harvard, IL
Good Morning Pete!

It has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure to have you as my attorney. As you know I have had the opportunity to work with you on multiple occasions throughout the years and the reason that you have always been my first choice is due to your compassion, your honesty, and your integrity. Every piece of advice you have provided has always been explained to me in a way that is easily understood and makes sense. Your high level of professionalism and constant concern for my best interest is reassuring. You have always exceeded my expectations and my outcomes have always been better than anticipated.

Thank you!

Tom B.
"For the better part of the last decade Pete and his team have help me navigate several complicated family matters. Following nearly a dozen interviews of local attorneys who "guaranteed" success I chose a representative with a more humbled approach and proven track record in both his profession and the community at large. One of my better decisions. Always accessible, always professional, and always operating with my families best interest in mind. Pete has been more than a simple courtroom representative. Pete has been a trusted adviser. So much so as to challenge me to make calm and thoughtful choices when emotions could have lead me away from my objective. It's always good to have people in your circle who seem to be exactly where they where meant to be, Pete is such. Life is better now."

Phil J.
Woodstock, il
“I have known Pete for many years, and had to retain his services in 2013 for a Family Law legal matter. Pete was patient, courteous and professional throughout the entire process. There were also occasions during the proceedings where Pete's knowledge of the law and ability to communicate with me were superior in comparison to opposite counsel. I would definitely recommend Pete's services given his overall presence and expertise in his field.”

-Sara R.
"Attorney Randall was very caring and was very upfront about everything! He has taken over the case and I'm very confident that he is going to do an amazing job on this case. I will be looking to do more business if need be with him"

"I was proud to have Mr. Randall as my lawyer. I felt comforted by his portrayal of experience and knowledge. Throughout the trial, Mr Evan E Randall spent his evening to call me and explain to me anything that I asked. He was protective, well prepared, thorough, and he was awesome. I could see that . I am grateful to you that you took all the stress and restored everything out for me. Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solves my worries."


"Evan was great in helping me with decisions about my case. Easy to talk to and work with. Tries hard to make everything easy for the client. "

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