Michling Plaza & Associates Produce Results, Not Excuses


We Have Experienced Trial Lawyers

You're injured. You're arrested. You're facing the emotional and financial aspects of divorce. Only an experienced trial lawyer can get you the results you need and expect. Only a trial lawyer can effectively present your case – your human story – in a courtroom. Our attorneys welcome your questions and look forward to finding out how we might assist you. We offer a free, half-hour consultation so please contact us to schedule a meeting.

Our Reputation

Without our reputation, we are nothing. It is something that has been cultivated and nurtured over time. Michling Plaza & Associates, P.C. has been around for over 30 years and it is a pillar of the community.

What Clients Can Expect

All of our clients can expect to have open communication with their legal team throughout the duration of their case. We need our clients to be involved in their legal strategy in order to provide effective representation and to present the strongest case possible.


Free Consultations

We offer a 30 minute free consultation to all potential clients so that you can discuss the specifics of your case and we can determine which course of action is best suited to your needs. We will ask that you tell us what your definition of a “successful resolution” encompasses so that we can determine the best and most economical way to achieve that result. We pride ourselves on managing your expectations.