The initial one-hour consultation, which is provided to each client at no charge, is very often one of the most critical interactions in the attorney-client relationship. Not only do you get to provide details about the event and receive a legal analysis, but this is also the first time that you get to meet an attorney. These first impressions are very valuable and set the tone for the rest of the case.

I have to actually like my attorney?

Of course! You need to feel comfortable with your attorney because you need to be able to talk openly with them. The initial consultation allows you to determine, with no commitment to hire, whether you are a good fit for that particular attorney.

Your attorney is probably going to know a lot about you and, depending on the charges, many of these details can be sensitive. If you are not comfortable talking with your attorney, then critical facts can unintentionally be left out. This means that the legal defense is not as strong as it could be.

How should I prepare for my consultation?

The most important thing that you can do is bring any documents relating to your case. This includes police reports, tickets, complaints, court documents, and the like. You do not have to go out of your way to collect these papers, but if you have them readily available, it is always helpful to have them with you during the consultation.

Bring more information rather than less. If you think something might be helpful, then you should bring it along. We are quick at filtering through documents and determining what is important and what is not. When it comes to information – more is better.

What can I expect at the initial meeting?

When you first come into Michling Plaza & Associates, you will be greeted and seated in our lobby. Your attorney will come out and make a formal introduction before the conversation is moved to one of our conference rooms.

You can then tell your story and ask questions. The attorney may ask some specific questions, but we encourage you to tell us everything that you think will help us represent you.

Will I have to hire an attorney?

Not at all. These consultations are offered without cost and without commitment. You will not be pressured or pushed into making a decision at that moment. We will discuss the option and give you details, but this is not a sales meeting and we do not expect you to make an instantaneous decision.

A handful of clients make the decision to retain us on the spot, but others do not. At the very least, we will leave you with a copy of our retainer agreement so that you can go home, in a much more comfortable setting, and make the decision on your own time.

Choosing an attorney is an important decision and there are many factors to consider. Many people choose to take some time, think it over, and then they get back to us. We are here to help either way.