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Real Estate Law

Deed Preparation

Perhaps you need to add someone to, or remove someone from, the deed to your property.

Land Trusts

One of the considerations when you purchase property, or for existing property, is how you will take/maintain title.  Will you take title in joint tenancy with a spouse or a family member?   Will you and your husband/wife take it as tenants by the entirety?  Do you want the property held in a land trust for your benefit?  We are ready to assist you in discussing your options, advise you on whether or a not a land trust would be beneficial for you and your family and prepare the necessary documents to create your land trust.


Whether you want an attorney to review a lease you are considering entering into, you have questions about an existing lease or you want to have a lease prepared, we are willing and able to assist you by advising you on questions or concerns you might have and helping you understand your rights and obligations.

Private Notes and Mortgages

You may be looking to purchase property but you are not planning to get a loan or financing from a bank.  Perhaps you have a family member or friend who is going to loan you the money you need but you are not sure what steps you should take to make sure your interests are protected.  We can help you with your questions and can also prepare a private note and mortgage so that you know what your rights and responsibilities will be going forward.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Purchasing or selling a home or property is one of the biggest, most involved decisions you will make in your lifetime and we take great pride in the opportunity to guide you through your real estate matter and assist you in navigating the forms, deadlines and requirements of the purchase/sale process.

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