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Orders of Protection

How do I obtain or remove and Order of Protection?

An Order of Protection can be issued by the court to protect victims of domestic violence.  Domestic violence is a broad term in Illinois and includes physical abuse, harassment, intimidation of a dependent, interference with personal liberty and willful deprivation.  In order to obtain an Order of Protection, the domestic violence must have been committed by a family member or household member.  A Family member includes those in a current or former dating relationship.

To obtain an Order of Protection, you must file a petition which states the reasons you need an Order of Protection.  If granted, usually on an ex parte basis (without notice to the other party), the Order of Protection lasts up to three weeks.  After the three weeks, there is a court date when the court will determine whether the Order of Protection will be extended up to two years.  The Order of Protection has many potential remedies available, including a stay away order, exclusive possession, and restricted visitation.

The law firm of Michling Plaza & Associates, P.C. will assist you in determining whether you are eligible for an Order of Protection and, if so, what remedies you are entitled to.  We can also represent you if you have an Order of Protection issued against you and are of need to remove the Order of Protection.  Either way, we will represent you in court and zealously advocate on your behalf.

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