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Insurance Related Litigation

You have just been served with a summons and complaint in a civil case. Most likely, if the case involves a motor vehicle collision for an injury that allegedly occurred on your property, you would forward that complaint to your insurance agent. However, occasionally, the process becomes more complicated. Your insurer may issue you some sort of limitations as to what they are going to provide you as far as defending that case is concerned; or they may respond to the complaint by telling you that you are not covered.

In that instance, you certainly need to discuss the issue with an experienced litigation attorney. Ward Brown is well aware of the nuances of insurance coverage, and can help you determine whether or not you can actually be covered in the case. Moreover, Ward Brown would be more than happy to defend any case that actually is not covered by an insurance policy on your behalf. There are also cases where an insurance company will make a payment under a policy of insurance, and then seek subrogation (re-payment) from you. These types of lawsuits need to be professionally evaluated, and defended, depending on the circumstances. Ward Brown will be pleased to assist you with any liability litigation matters that you may experience.

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