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Forcible Entry and Detainer Litigation (Evictions)

As foreclosures have increased an increasing demand has been placed on the rental property market. Often times, the same financial pressures are brought to bear on tenants as they are on homeowners paying a mortgage. Thus, there is a higher volume of forcible entry and detainer actions (evictions cases), filed by landlords against tenants. This type of action would apply to both single family residences and common buildings (condominiums, townhomes, apartments, etc.). Both the landlord and tenant have rights and obligations within the eviction process. Obviously, the landlord seeks to recover the use of the property that they own, and recover their back rent. The tenant, of course, seeks to either find a way to be able to remain occupant of the property; or at least come out of the situation as “whole” as possible. Consultation with an experienced eviction, like Ward Brown, will help you evaluate what your options are, and implement the appropriate program to protect your interests.

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