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Child Support

If I am ordered to pay child support, how much will I pay?

Currently, a parent’s obligation to pay child support is calculated as a percentage of their net income (your gross income minus the statutory deductions). The Illinois statutory guidelines are as follows:

One child: 20 percent
Two children: 28 percent
Three children: 32 percent
Four children: 40 percent
Five children: 45 percent
Six or more children: 50 percent

Support payments can be paid through the State Disbursement Unit, via wage deduction or directly to the receiving parent. Also, based on how parenting time is divided, we can negotiate or reserve child support. We assess each case based on the parties’ individual circumstances.

Court ordered child support obligations are always enforceable and modifiable, and we will aggressively and efficiently assist you in obtaining and enforcing the child support that you are entitled to.

In addition to child support, based on your situation, there can be other child-related issues which may be considered:

  • The apportionment of daycare costs.
  • The apportionment of medical expenses.
  • Expenses for special needs children.
  • Dependency exemptions (for tax purposes)

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