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Child Custody/Visitation

One of the paramount issues divorcing couples face is “Who will receive custody of the children?”

There are basically two types of custody in Illinois: joint custody verses sole custody, and custody can be negotiated or court ordered. Many clients choose to create a parenting plan between themselves, through their attorneys, with the assistance of a court approved mediator (which is mandatory if custody is at issue), or are prepared to litigate the issue. If custody is litigated, the courts will consider the “best interests of the child” factors (which are statutorily defined) when considering a joint or sole custody award.

Without a doubt, child custody battles can be expensive and lengthy. This is why we encourage clients to make every effort to settle the matter between themselves, because we understand that custody is an issue which is an integral part of your life and your children’s lives. Whether custody is negotiated or litigated, we are prepared to represent you with compassion and integrity to achieve your desired results.

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