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Adoption Law

Adoption is a legal way to add a member to your family.  Whether you are in the process of adopting or are the biological parent(s) of a child being adopted, the law firm of Michling Plaza & Associates, P.C. can help you through the process.

There are several types of adoptions in Illinois, including related, unrelated and international.  Illinois also allows adoptions of adults.  All of these adoptions can be contested or uncontested.  Each type of adoption has requirements that must be met before the adoption can be finalized. The law firm of Michling Plaza & Associates, P.C. has the knowledge to assist you in navigating through the adoption process and obtaining the new family you desire.

In order to finalize an adoption, the biological parent(s) must agree to the adoption or be ordered to relinquish his or her parental rights after being declared unfit by the court.  Whether you are a biological parent who is agreeing to consent to the adoption or is seeking to contest the adoption, Michling Plaza & Associates, P.C. will provide the support and advocacy to help you through the process.

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